About Us

Being a new start up

in a mature industry, provides us an advantage as we have studied our competitors and we are able to offer different products to achieve the desired makeup look, with the ability to reach

all genders and ages. 625 was created with every face in mind. We offer an endless number of products for each individual, for your creative and artistic ability. With the love of 625 Kosmetics, Let your Beauty Speak for You!


Why wear makeup?

Discover Your Boldness

625 Kosmetics is much more than a makeup brand—it serves as a premier cosmetics collection designed for all Women of all colors! Offering over 10 beautiful- shades,

and features a full line of lipstick and eyeshadows enhance your every day look no matter where you go. For a night out or to the office, 625 Kosmetics offers a most variety of makeup for you to choose from!

  • Because it’s fun
  • you will love the confidence it brings
  • it’s something to do for yourself
  • It’s a way to be expressive!
  • it can help you feel better
  • helps clear your Complexion